International Médical Exhibition  - Arab Health Dubaï 2022

2021/2022   New partnership with Bertin France in Rwanda - Installation of 6 innovative Compact medical waste management system by grinding and sterilization by microwave

10/2021   European Partners meeting to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Famed - Michiels received the 2020 best sellers award

Installation of the largest vaccination center in Belgium  - Heysel Palace 02/2021

Supply of Médical and Hygiene Equipements for Health centers in Yaoundé - PADY2 -  Cameroon 04/2019 

International Congress of Radiology -  JFR 2018 - Paris .

SMN Muskoka Project - Togolese Government Flagship Initiative in Health .

Car free day  - Rwanda 2018

Supply of Médical Equipments for health facilities in the interior regions of LABE and FARANAH - Guinea 2018

Exhibition HEMOCUE  - Rwanda 2018

First participation in International Médical Exhibition  - Arab Health Dubaï 2018

Installation and commissioning equipements in Onoma Hotel - Kigali  01/2018

Delivery of Médical Equipments and consumables for the Project for Capacity Building on Maternal , Newborn and Child Health care in the Kwango Provincial Division of Health in DRC

Korea International Cooperation Agency ( KOICA )


Supply, Delivery, Installation & putting into service of Biomedical Equipments and Training of the users in nine (9) General Reference Hospitals (HGR)

Supply and Delivery of 50 x-ray units and radiography accessories en DRC - Kinshasa

Laboratory training of district hospitals - Kigali - Rwanda

Supply of laundry material – Rwanda

Supply of laboratory material – Rwanda

Loading container – Kinshasa

National Programme of Fight against AIDS

Emergency AID – Kinshasa – RDC

Support of the belgian government

Kinshasa – RDC: supply of medical material for Kalembelembe hospital

Supply of radiology unit for mama yemo Kinshasa – RDC

Supply of medical material for chuk – Kinshasa RDC

Loading two containers - Burkina Faso

Supply of autoclaves and anaesthesia machines

Supply of laundry equipment, autoclaves, for hospital CHR

Final acceptance of 50 X-Ray machines - Kinshasa

Installation of laundry apparatus from Danube - Rwanda

Laundry room CHUK Rwanda

Awards - Senegal 06/12/2013

Palm for the most Dynamic Company in the Sector of medical supply - Dakar.

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