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  • MEASURES FROM PVC • From polypropylene • Graduated • With spout LAB-101000-12 12ml LAB-101000-25 25ml LAB-101000-50 50ml LAB-101000-125 125ml LAB-101000-200 200ml LAB-101000-500 500ml LAB-101000-1L 1000ml

  • PLASTIC CYLINDERS • From polypropylene • Transparent • Graduated • With spout LAB-101010-10 10ml LAB-101010-25 25ml LAB-101010-50 50ml LAB-101010-100 100ml LAB-101010-250 250ml LAB-101010-500 500ml LAB-101010-1L 1000ml

  • BEAKERS • From polypropylene • With spout • Graduated Low LAB-101040-25 25ml LAB-101040-50 50ml LAB-101040-100 100ml LAB-101040-250 250ml LAB-101040-500 500ml High LAB-101041-1L 1000ml LAB-101041-2L 2000ml LAB-101041-5L 5000ml

  • ERLENMEYER FLASKS • From polypropylene • Transparent • Graduated LAB-101020-50 50ml LAB-101020-125 125ml LAB-101020-250 250ml LAB-101020-500 500ml

  • VOLUMETRIC FLASK • From polypropylene • Transparent • Graduated LAB-101060-25 25ml LAB-101060-50 50ml LAB-101060-100 100ml LAB-101060-250 250ml LAB-101060-500 500ml LAB-101060-1L 1000ml

  • CRYSTALLIZING DISHES • From polypropylene • Transparent • For large volumes LAB-101050-1,5L 1500ml LAB-101050-3L 3000ml LAB-101050-5L 5000ml

  • PETRI DISHES • From PVC LAB-101070-60 Ø60x15mm LAB-101070-70 Ø80x15mm LAB-101070-100 Ø100x20mm LAB-101070-120 Ø120x20mm LAB-101070-150 Ø150x25mm

  • DROPPING BOTTLE • From PEHD transparent • Plastic screw stopper LAB-101110-50 50ml LAB-101110-100 100ml LAB-101110-250 250ml LAB-101110-500 500ml LAB-101110-1L 1000ml

  • DROPPING BOTTLE AMBER • From PEHD amber • Plastic screw stopper LAB-101120-60 60ml LAB-101120-120 120ml LAB-101120-250 250ml LAB-101120-500 500ml

  • LARGE JAR WITH CAP • From PEHD amber • Plastic screw lid LAB-101140-70 70ml LAB-101140-120 120ml LAB-101140-250 250ml LAB-101140-500 500ml LAB-101140-1L 1000ml LAB-101140-2L 2000ml

  • LARGE JAR WITH CAP • From PEHD amber • Plastic screw lid • Handle LAB-101170-5L 5L LAB-101170-10L 10L

  • LARGE VOLUME JARS • From PEHD • Plastic screw lid • With tap • 1 Carrying handle LAB-101160-5L 5L LAB-10116 0-10L 10L

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items
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