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MICHIELS SA is a Belgian company, created in 1972 by Mr Jérôme Michiels.

 It is now managed by husband and wife, supported by a team of eight.

 The Michiels company specialises in:

 The buying, stocking and selling of:

  • Medical and hospital furniture

  • Medical equipment

  • Medical consumables

  • Medical and surgical instruments

  • Laboratory consumables, equipment and furniture

 for health professionals and individuals in Belgian and Europe, as well as abroad.

 We market all of our products through our network of medical equipment distributors, but no sales are made directly to private individuals.

The Belgian and European market

  • Marketing of medical, surgical and laboratory supplies and equipment.

  • Selling of quality instrumentation

  • Selling and representation of various European furniture and equipment companies

The Export market

  • Manufacturing of medical, laboratory, first aid, school and survival kits

  • Local facilities, the implementation as well as maintenance and training for any kind of equipment intended to equip hospitals, medical or health and education centres through our network of distributors, ensuring a high-quality transfer of skill for healthcare teams in receiving countries.

       Our network of local partners is also responsible for the distribution of the MICHIELS brand as well as the brands of recognised manufacturers that have been represented exclusively by MICHIELS SA in the field of biomedical equipment for almost 50 years. Our partners are in permanent contact with the medical services of different countries in order to respond to all ad-hoc requests for medical equipment or consumables, either from their supply or from ours in Belgium.

 This exclusive collaboration allows and ensures the economic development of our partners in the different countries, but also the social and technical development in the different business sectors.

  • Marketing of personal and medical laundry equipment (aseptic)

  • Partner for Europe and Africa with a radiology equipment manufacturer


The sales offices, in which we have a point of sale for the Belgian market, are located at 1853 Strombeek-Bever.

We have a warehouse measuring over 1500m², located in Libramont, which is used for storage and the receiving/shipping of items.

We are therefore able to supply from stock a wide range of articles requested by emergency calls.


While becoming a more prominent organization by expanding our distribution network (we are active in more than 20 countries worldwide), MICHIELS SA strives at the same time to remain a family business, in which each distributor is known and recognized.

MICHIELS SA remains strictly committed to medical cooperation and works with its partners towards the development of local communities.

MICHIELS SA's key objective is its desire to collaborate with its partners, so as to encourage increasing autonomy and better provision for local needs.


Thanks to its efficiency and future-oriented work, MICHIELS S.A is trusted by numerous international NGOs.


ACCREDITATIONS: Since 28 May 2008, MICHIELS SA is ISO 9001:2008 version 10 accredited for:

 Buying, stocking and selling:

  • Medical and hospital furniture,

  • Medical consumables and equipment,

  • Medical and surgical instruments

  • Laboratory consumables, equipment and furniture

 This certificate is a guarantee of our professionalism and expertise.


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