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  • CREPE BANDAGE • Rol of 4 meters DI-108700-05    5cm x 4m DI-108700-07    7,5cm x 4m DI-108700-10    10cm x 4m DI-108700-15    15cm x 4m DI-108700-20    20cm x 4m DI-108700-25    25cm x 4m DI-108700-30    30cm x 4m

  • GAUZE BANDAGE • Rol of 4 meters • 17 threats DI-108750-5      5cm x 4m DI-108750-7.5   7.5cm x 4m DI-108750-10    10cm x 4.5m

  • ELASTIC GAUZE BANDAGE  • Rol of 4 meters DI-108650-5    5cm x 4m DI-108650-7    7cm x 4m DI-108650-10  10cm x 4m

  • DI-107270-700 • Bag of 700 balls • Absorbent Cotton wool 0.7gr DI-107260-500 • Absorbent cotton wool • Rol of 500gr DI-107261-500 • Framed cotton • Rol of 500gr

  • JERSEY TUBULAR BANDAGE Protection of many parts of the body in several areas as traumatology, dermatology or orthopaedics. • Seamless. Smooth and excellent dermophilic properties. • Stretchable widthwise  • Composition: 100% cotton. •...

  • PLASTERS OF PARIS• Gauze strips impregnated with  fine plaster • Packed in waterproof wrapping • Ready to use • Rol of 2.7m DI-108800-05   5cm x 2.7m DI-108800-07   7.5cm x 2.7m DI-108800-10   10cm x  2.7m DI-108800-15   15cm x...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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